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Rail Transportation

TillerStack best field service management software understands that a country’s transportation infrastructure is critical to the foundation of community development, manufacturing of products, delivery of quality service, and the fulfillment of client requirements.

Transportation companies, such as the railway industry, face a unique mix of complex operational issues, such as maintaining cabins, terminals, tracks infrastructure assets. They also deal with vast, diverse, and frequently aging labor force, increased passenger expectations, and highly detailed timetables that necessitate intermodal coordination.

To serve an ever-changing population and traffic, rail transportation officials and operators must deliver efficient timetables. In addition, there is a need to provide safe and dependable operations, accurate data stored in cloud based service management software, and improved passenger services for a better experience.

With the best features of field service management software, you can manage and control the maintenance and upkeep of their transportation industry assets, such as improve routine track maintenance and perform resource planning using the route optimization app.


Field Management Software

Software Highlights:

Field Service Management Mobile Applications

On-Site Remote Assist Integration

Enterprise Drone

Enterprise drone unlocks previously underutilized capabilities, such as in rail and track system monitoring.

TillerStack is the world's leading provider of Field Service Management, allowing railroads to keep their infrastructure and staff functional, safe, and operational. Our field service management software for railroad transportation combines secure enterprise communication capabilities with online and offline mobility in a versatile and trustworthy cloud-based system.

TillerStack is a leading software technology provider of Field Service Management Solution that helps railroad operators to repair and maintain subway infrastructure and keep them on their most serviceable condition.

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