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Simplify your field operations with a cost-efficient smart monitoring and Field Staff Management Software

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Manage Your Mobile Workforce Effortlessly

Field Staff Management Software provides you with two modules integrated into a point-to-point solution.

Dispatch features of the software streamline planning and monitoring at headquarters to ensure that the operations are working at their best.

Mobile features of the Field Staff Management Software can help users with on-site orders tailored for optimum field management.

Product Overview of TillerStack's Field Service Management Software

The best field service scheduling software optimizes field operations that lead to customer pleasure and satisfaction. The field service management software for small businesses ensures growth for the company while increasing workforce efficiency.

Field Staff Management Software

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    Manage everything under your control

    Dispatch Features

    The dispatch smart monitoring features of TillerStack's field service scheduling software allow users to handle technicians better and manage them in the field. Everything is under control. It streamlines planning and monitoring at headquarters to ensure that the operations are working at their best.


    Tasks become more manageable when it's under control, and you can monitor in real time. TillerStack's real time monitoring feature allows users to manage everything from order statuses to employees' GPS locations. It also includes a configurable message service for optimized communications.

    Route Optimization

    Using Google™ Maps, the best route optimization software like TillerStack enables accurate and precise calculation of optimal routes and tours for the entire team.

    GIS Visualization

    Using TillerStack's most efficient route planner, planning data for location, points of interest, routes, and service areas are achievable in real-time GIS and data visualization.

    Shift Schedule

    Integrating the shift schedule of TillerStack eases the dispatching options of the company. It enables them to track employees' presence and absence easily. It is also a reliable software to schedule team meetings.

    Order Planning

    Need everything in one place? TillerStack's order planning feature provides users with all the tools they need in one place - from automatic scheduling to drag & drop manual dispatching.

    Appointment Scheduling

    Need to meet someone? Provide the best service and take account of your customer's wishes using TillerStack's integrated scheduling engine. It provides your company with an efficient online scheduler for clients and an app to make appointments.


    TillerStack enables seamless Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and ticketing systems integration. It also provides users with easy subcontractor integration capable of multi-clients.

    Dynamic Teams

    Is there a need to form teams in the workplace? TillerStack provides a multi-resource mode to create dynamic teams to do tasks more efficiently.

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    TillerStack Dashboard

    The dashboard enables the dispatcher to locate and gather all vital information needed for planning. It has an integrated graphical planning table that allows users to keep track of employees' availability and their current workload. It provides real-time visualization of the customers, orders, and technicians' locations. With the job list provided in the dashboard, it shows the dispatcher with the list of instructions in need of scheduling.

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    TillerStack Planning Table

    The Gantt chart or the planning table is the dispatcher's most valuable tool. The Gantt chart presents the worklist's orders, which the user can automatically plan depending on the agreed business terms. The user may also prefer to schedule them using the drag & drop option manually.


    The best field service management software is bringing all the information you need in one place anywhere.

    Mobile Features

    TillerStack field service management software supports mobile features for a more efficient mobile workforce management system solution. With TillerStack's mobile features, the workforce has all the information they need to work productively regardless of location. Offline mode is also available and is automatically activated depending on the worker's network availability and connection.

    View Order Data on Offline Mode

    TillerStack's cloud-based field force management software enables users to track order data and documents online and offline. It allows users to get the correct data at the push of a button.

    Automated Transmission of Reports

    TillerStack's mobile functions' reporting feature enables users to report workers' data such as working time, material consumption, photos, or signatures. It automatically transmits such data to headquarters.

    Status Changes Notification

    With the status notification, dispatchers and customers receive real-time updates regarding the order's arrival, job, and results. It configures status messages and other order-related tasks to send to both customers and their main office.

    Access Live Actions

    TillerStack enables users to view necessary data such as metrics, customer history, or documentation immediately with configurable live actions directly from linked third-party systems.

    Navigation and Logbook

    This feature helps users to locate the best routes and navigate their way to the customer. TillerStack enables documentation for all information in a secured digital logbook.

    Sync Inventory

    TillerStack synchronizes stocks in real-time straight into the user's ERP system like SAP. It gives them the benefit of saving their time from manually counting their monthly inventory.

    Push Messages

    TillerStack allows administrators to send push messages when a job order is either changed or canceled. This feature also functions when there are new orders. It will enable mobile workers to receive the notification about such information with a voice output regarding the order concerns.

    Configurable Individual Features

    TillerStack provides users with the best field management software designed with a flexible and extensive architecture.

    TillerStack Integrated Map

    The integrated map shows users their customers' varying geographic locations, orders, and employees. The map also enables users to visualize planned routes for more comfortable and quicker navigation. The map integrated into the business management software dynamically displays layers with Points of Interest (POI), service areas, or track data regarding traffic information. Through the map, users can directly operate the scheduling and re-planning of orders. Using reliable software for field service management allows you to configure routes at the push of a button, right at your fingertips.

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    Access information at your fingertips. Anytime. Anywhere.

    The field service management mobile app allows users to access order data even while doing other tasks efficiently. Through field staff management software, employees can directly report the status of orders to headquarters in real-time and initiate confirmations for working time and material use.

    Enterprises with robust industrial handhelds or smartphones and tablets use them as mobile devices dependent on a specific application scenario. Using service technician software allows companies to boost workforce productivity in field operations.

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