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Having the right partner for communication and digitized information has never been more important.

We enable companies transforming their business through digitizing and mobilising processes.

Field Service Management Software

TillerStack's field service scheduling software brings you all the features that will significantly benefit and impact your business by helping you manage and supervise your high-performing technical field workers. The field management software consists of two components: Dispatch for the scheduling and control of field staff and their orders and Mobile App to support field technicians in order processing on site.

Meet SLAs

Improve first time fix rates and ensure that the right technician best equipped and in time to get the order done on time, every time.

Lower Operating Costs

Our field service management solutions reduce miles driven and fuel consumption through intelligent route planning and optimization. This allows lesser Carbon footprint.

Increase Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Reduce order times with faster response times, guaranteed deadlines, and real-time communications.

Field Service Management Software
On Site Remote Assist

On Site Remote Assist OSRA

Suppose the field service technician gets stuck with his task in remote maintenance. In that case, he can start the On Site Remote Assist at the push of a button and is provided with a connection to the expert in the back-end service with live video transmission via his data glasses. The back-end service expert has the same field of view on his screen as the technician through his data glasses. One advantage for the technician is that while using the On Site Remote Assist, he can communicate and receive information via the smart glasses for remote assistance while still having both hands free to work.

Tillerstack's On Site Remote Assist reduces downtime and travel costs. Furthermore, it enables real-time hands-on training and knowledge retention in your organization.

Ad Hoc or Impromtu Expert Support from the Back Office

To avoid production downtime or the time-consuming and cost-intensive ordering of an expert on site in such high-pressure situations, the expert is brought in ad hoc or impromptu by remote support via video in service and maintenance to solve the problem.

Live Communication via On Site Remote Assist

Using live video transmission via data glasses, the expert in the back office has the same field of vision on his screen as the technician on site to provide the technician with step-by-step instructions on how to solve the problem also with the possibility of augmented reality overlays.

Connection to knowledge databases

The On-Site Remote Assist enables integrating a wide variety of data sources that provide the field service employee with installation videos on the data glasses, for example.

On Site Remote Assist


In the field of maintenance and servicing, the use of industrial drones dramatically simplifies the necessary inspections. As an effective add-on to the field service management, it makes inspection and documentation tasks possible even at short notice and without risk. When integrated into the field service management system, the videos, photographs, or measured values recorded by the drone can be linked directly to the order or machine data, evaluated, and stored in a cloud based service management software. However, ZenaDrone can also be used for many other areas, such as agriculture or critical infrastructure monitoring.

With the ZenaDrone, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Multispectral Sensors

ZenaDrone multispectral sensors (ZMS) provide multispectral and sunlight sensors and high definition camera to help collect data that allows businesses to do what's best for their field service and order management. Clear and high-resolution images are often required for valid and viable damage assessment, e.g., wind turbines or critical infrastructure.

Machine Learning Autopilot Controller

The ZenaDrone is integrated with machine learning systems that enable autopilot mode and create its mission plans based on the available data for fully automated flight routes. Thus, pinpoint repeatable waypoint navigation ensures high area performance and provides continuous, reliable, and comparable information.

High Inspection Requirements

The ZenaDrone is an enterprise drone with built-in GPS, 360o panoramic LIDAR technology with thermal imaging, and Telemetry RFD900+ Modem for long-range communication. These allow you to quickly master inspection requirements such as 3D modeling, volume measurements, or condition analysis with high data volumes and long transmission distances.

Customer Success Story

"TillerStack field service management software significantly contributes to our goal of achieving 'Customer Focus.' With TillerStack, we consistently and quickly address situations with less time needed for repair, thus, producing many satisfied, repeat, and loyal customers." - Dieter Vorbeck, Head of Network Operations

Quote mark logo

“The solution fully contributes to our strategic objective of ‘Customer Focus’, as one of our major goals is the reduction of the time to repair which is a huge driver for satisfied customers”


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    Who We Are

    We are an agile team of experts driven by the same passion, innovative solutions for our customers in the field of Technical Service. Our consultants, developers, and technicians work solution- and goal-oriented in mixed teams for our customers and markets. The exchange and cooperation with our international colleagues and the group-wide network opens new opportunities for future-proof solutions.

    Why TillerStack?

    We enable companies to transform their businesses through digitizing and mobilizing processes in complex and high end Field Service Management and remote management solution. We offer agile and smart solutions that manage your operations holistically according to your company goals.

    Research and development commitments from us provide innovative additions that perfectly prepare you for the future.

    Our long-standing and trusting customer relationship and more than 25 years of experience are the basis for your success.

    What We Do

    TillerStack recognizes the importance of efficient resource management and resource planning. We specialize in technical field service and technical customer service. Thus we don't do just any sort of field service planning. A dispatcher may give orders to specific technicians using the TillerStack software, which comes with a unique interface that includes a dashboard, graphical planning table, and integrated map.

    The dispatcher is in charge of operational planning, which involves staffing, labor management, and task order administration. TillerStack provides creative and flexible field service management solutions and monitoring capabilities to constantly meet customer SLAs, improve work efficiency, reduce operational costs, and maintain satisfied and happy clients.

    TillerStack Interface

    What’s In It For Your Business?

    TillerStack's web-based services software provides you with effective field management solutions to help simplify your operations and boost your customers' loyalty and satisfaction. We consistently strive to surpass your expectations in helping you meet your service-level agreements (SLAs) with your clients. You can also access our cloud-based program from any of your mobile devices or office workstations for added convenience.

    You can empower your field service personnel while lowering operating expenses and inefficiencies across your departments with an excellent field services scheduling system. It also updates you with machine malfunctions that need fixing, new installations, and your field equipment and machinery maintenance. TillerStack’s top-notch management system enables you to handle high-volume work orders and complicated service requests quickly. TillerStack provides you with practical, efficient, and well-regulated management solutions and services.

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