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Experience the innovative solutions of the WIR! alliance MR4B! In Hall 13, booth E62 you can meet many of the MR4B Alliance partners. In exciting pitches you can experience live how our WIR! alliance MR4B is moving the industry forward with innovative ideas.

Our smart glasses solution OSRA will be presented live on Tuesday and Wednesday.
OSRA enables the technician/tradesman on site to search for specific information (videos, construction drawings, circuit diagrams, checklists) on the job or to solve a problem hands-free and purely by voice. Searching for information, calling an expert and documenting on the job are all hands-free thanks to the smart glasses. The remote expert can make sketches and drawings (MR) in real time on the technician’s live image to help the technician solve the problem on site. 

KomKI - Hands-on Artificial Intelligence at the Conference Centre of the Hanover Chamber of Crafts

The aim of the KomKI breakfast on 1 March 2024 at the Hanover Chamber of Crafts in Garbsen was to give craftsmen and service technicians a tangible experience of AI. The two demonstrators offered by Tillerstack for field service management and OSRA were intensively tested and discussed by the participants. The opportunity for live testing quickly demonstrated the usefulness and ease of use of OSRA for tradesmen and technicians in the field. The participants even identified new areas of application for OSRA in the medical field, which we will continue to pursue together after the event and which we are sure will be a success. 

State Association Conference of Women Entrepreneurs in the Craft Trades (UFH North Rhine-Westphalia) on March 15, 2024 with the topic: Work and Leadership in Transition

TillerStack was happy to take part in the state conference of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs (UFH) North Rhine-Westphalia in Hamm on March 15th. We had the opportunity to present our OSRA Smart Glasses solution live to many interested participants. The event confirmed that OSRA, as a cognitive, purely voice-controlled assistance system for craftsmen at the customer’s or at the construction site, quickly and easily provides valuable information of various kinds (videos, construction drawings, checklists) “hands-free” via the data glasses. In addition, OSRA makes it possible to call a remote expert with just two voice commands, e.g. the foreman at the next construction site. OSRA helps tradespeople avoid mistakes and save unnecessary travel and labor time. 

Successful participation with OSRA at the DNE from February 14-15, 2024, Berlin

Tillerstack’s participation in the first Digitalization and Sustainability Days in Electrical Engineering (DNE) at the Education and Technology Center of the Berlin Chamber of Crafts was a great success.
In the world of electrical engineering, technicians often face challenges in technical service, installation or maintenance that require a quick and efficient solution. In this context, OSRA proved to be the ideal smart glasses solution. Our OSRA solution, which is purely voice-controlled for the technician, not only enabled remote support from experienced experts, but also quick access to crucial information such as installation videos and circuit diagrams.
We also presented our OSRA TS Admin module for the first time, which ensures smooth collaboration between the technician’s OSRA TS Assist app and the remote expert’s OSRA TS Expert app. It ensures that all users, experts, and information can be organized and used efficiently.
Entrepreneurs, foremen and trainees alike were impressed by the intuitive operation and great benefits of OSRA. We are proud to offer an innovative solution for the challenges in electrical engineering with OSRA and would like to thank everyone who visited us at the DNE.  

OSRA data glasses solution at the "Mobile Maintenance" in Hannover

At the 17th user forum “Deployment of mobile solutions in maintenance & service” in Hanover from October 18 to 19, 2023, the focus was on the presentation of our innovative data glasses solution OSRA

It should be emphasized that our OSRA solution speech was met with great interest and positive response. The audience showed a lively interest in the wide range of applications and the potentials that OSRA offers for mobile maintenance. The possibility to handle complex problems and issues on site quickly, efficiently and precisely by using data glasses and the OSRA remote expert call attracted particular attention.

TillerStack’s participation in this user forum was a great success and we are pleased that numerous participants and visitors to our booth requested more in-depth information about OSRA. This led to many promising follow-up meetings and intensive discussions about possible cooperations and projects. We are convinced that OSRA can also make a significant contribution to the further development of mobile maintenance in connection with field service management systems

OSRA at Smart Remote Service September 24-26, 2023

At Smart Remote Service from September 24-26, 2023 in Berlin, more than 200 experts from the remote and digital service sectors met to discuss new technological opportunities in service and future digital business models through smart service solutions in mechanical and plant engineering.

As a partner of this event, we were proud to support this important event for the industry and to have contributed to the advancement of the exciting sector of remote services with the TillerStack product OSRA.

The interest and enthusiasm for OSRA at Smart Remote Service exceeded our expectations. Furthermore, we had the opportunity to make valuable contacts, exchange ideas and get to know potential partnerships.

Thank you again for your participation, your interest in OSRA, and the valuable discussions.  

OSRA at the kick-off event for the start of apprenticeship 2023 of the Plumbing-Heating-Air Conditioning-Guild Berlin

On September 6, TillerStack gave a live OSRA presentation at the SHK- Competence Center in Berlin as part of the kick-off event for trainees 2023. In 10 single sessions with a total of 250 participating trainees, OSRA with the possibility of remote tradesman support and knowledge management via data glasses met with very great interest and many young people took the opportunity to test OSRA for themselves. In the question and discussion rounds of the individual sessions, it became clear that for today’s HVAC trainees, mixed reality and hands-free searches for information via data glasses should be part of the future daily work practice in the plumbing, heating and air conditioning industry. 

Visit us at the AEROdrones!

You will find us from April 19 – 21, 2023 at the common booth of UAV DACH e.V at the trade fair AEROdrones in Friedrichshafen, Germany (booth A2-407). AEROdrones is a focal area within the AERO trade show. This year’s theme in Hall A2 will be the practical application of drones in use for authorities and organizations with security tasks (BOS), i.e. police forces, fire departments and rescue services.

At our booth, you will have the opportunity to take a closer look at the smart Zenadrone 1000 and have our specialists explain its configurable setups and functionality for a wide range of BOS tasks. Discuss with us how Zenadrone 1000 can support special missions and tasks in emergencies and in disasters. You may also be interested in how it integrates with an emergency management system – which is based on TillerStack’s Field Service Management System – and how it can deliver live imagery and measurement data of a hazard scene to emergency planning or on-site personnel.

Also attend Zenadrone‘s presentation on Wednesday, April 19, 2023 “Intelligent Smart Drone for Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural and BOS Use” at 14:40 on the stage in Hall A2.

Make sure to stop by! We look forward to seeing you! 

GET Nord 2022, November 17-19 in Hamburg, Germany

At GET Nord, numerous trade visitors to the TillerStack booth took the opportunity to test the assistance system for craftsmen (TS Assistant) for themselves with On-Site Remote Assist (OSRA) on a wide variety of data glasses.

TS Assistant was met with enthusiasm and great interest throughout. The number of visitors to the booth exceeded our expectation. We received positive feedback from all branches that TS Assistant, as a special tool for on-site problem solving, is practicable and provides excellent support. The possibility of digital work documentation, the creation of video tutorials and quality assurance with the TS Assitant also impressed many trade visitors and met with a positive response.

In the end, we received confirmation at GET Nord, with its more than 35,000 visitors, that our special tool for the craftsman is coming at just the right time. A time when the electrical and SHK handcraft are increasingly waking up together in practice, the shortage of skilled workers is increasing and the workplace of the craftsman has to be made more efficient and attractive.

Quote from Shaun Passley, PhD Managing Director of Tillerstack:

“The positive response at GET Nord shows the future viability and the great benefit of TS Assistant and OSRA in the plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical industry. We will certainly incorporate the suggestions from practice for the further development of the products, which we received in numerous good discussions, into the further development of our products.” 

Source: TillerStack GmbH 2022 

SmartHK 2022, November 8 - 10 in Berlin

Source: TillerStack GmbH 2022

With the SmartHK and its 14000 visitors, TillerStack had the opportunity for the first time to present the Tillerstack Assistant (TS Assistant) with the On-Site Remote Assist (OSRA) live to a broad professional audience from the plumbing, heating, air conditioning as well as electrical sectors.

As an assistance system for the craftsman, the TS Assistant is the further developed result of the research project HWG 4.0, which was successfully completed in June 2022, and in which several practical evaluations of the system have already been successfully carried out at the SHK Competence Center Berlin


The aim at SmartHK was to find out with as many tradesmen and electrical companies as possible whether the TS Assistant with the OSRA is practical and meets the needs of tradesmen on site 100 percent. To this end, we gave visitors the opportunity to test the TS Assistant and the OSRA live with data goggles. In order to achieve the greatest possible practical relevance, a practical problem was to be solved using the OSRA on the electronics of a Vaillant heat pump. Here, the visitor was guided via the data glasses and with the OSRA by a remote expert of the Vaillant customer service.

The interest in testing the system live and the consistently positive response to the TS Assistant far exceeded our expectations. In many conversations we have received confirmation that the use of data glasses will also be standard in the SHK handicrafts in the future and that we are on the right track with the TS Assistant.

Quote from the managing director of the SHK Berlin guild, Mr. Andreas Koch-Martin:

“We encourage our companies to open up to the digital world. However, digitalization is not available off the shelf, but only as individual solutions. Therefore, we are grateful for the cooperation with partners like TillerStack, who show our companies very practically what is possible and offer to try out if it fits their processes”. 

Source: TillerStack GmbH 2022 

Instandhaltungstage 2022, September 6-7 in Berlin

From September 6 to 7, experts from all industries met as every year to exchange information on practice-related topics in the field of production and maintenance.

TillerStack’s presentation “Use of data glasses in technical service” by Thomas Schwab also met with great interest at this year’s Instandhaltungstage 2022. The starting point were the results of our research project: Handwerksgeselle 4.0, in which the great benefit for craftsmen was proven when they are supported in their daily work environment with data and information via suitable data glasses and craftsman app – according to the motto “When I don’t know any further”.

Already during the presentation, interesting questions from the practice of the respective companies were asked from the circle of more than 50 listeners. An application-oriented and cross-industry discussion on the use of data glasses in maintenance quickly ensued, which was enriched by innovative solution approaches and arguments thanks to Thomas Schwab’s expertise in customer projects with long-standing, complex maintenance processes and On-Site Remote Assist (OSRA)

Following the presentation, some members of the audience did not miss the opportunity to test the advantages of different data glasses and the OSRA app of TillerStack themselves.

Ultimately, the use of data glasses and the OSRA promotes efficient and resource-saving maintenance processes, especially in the face of rising energy prices, supply bottlenecks and a shortage of skilled workers.  

Quote from Thomas Schwab (Head of Business Development) on the event: 

“The event showed that the optimization and digitalization of maintenance and servicing processes using integrated data glasses will reach a new level of innovation.”  

Instandhatungstage 2022: Use of data glasses in technical service
Source: TillerStack GmbH 

Knowledge Exchange with Fraunhofer Institute

On August 29, 2022, representatives from TillerStack, ZenaDrone Inc. and the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF met for an exchange of expertise.

In a lively, technical discussion, existing and planned functions as well as possible uses of ZenaDrone 1000 were discussed with the Fraunhofer IFF.

Quote from Dr.-Ing. Klaus Richter of the Fraunhofer-IFF: 

“If ZenaDrone 1000 delivers what it promises, we would like to use it for innovative joint research activities. It was a very interesting meeting and an open, sympathetic round of discussions.”  

Dr. Richter from Fraunhofer-IFF (left) talking with ZenaDrone 1000 product manager Simon Henry
Source: Tillerstack GmbH 2022 

Logisticians' meeting at AGS FROESCH on August 30, 2022

The international logistics company AGS FROESCH in Berlin invited to an event on August 30 in their premises at the freight village (GVZ) Großbeeren near Berlin to discuss actual topics of the logistics industry in a practice-oriented way.
Zenadrone Inc. and TillerStack had the opportunity to present their innovative portfolio on site and to exchange ideas with the participants. Members of the Commission for Logistics and Mobility of the German Association of Medium-Sized Businesses (BVMW) were present or connected via video conference. The BVMW is the largest association for medium-sized entrepreneurs in Germany.
The participants quickly agreed that both the Zenadrone 1000 cargo drone and Tillerstack’s On-Site Remote Assist are particularly suited to the requirements of the last mile in distribution logistics. This last mile represents an enormous logistical challenge for logistics companies and the search for concepts and solutions is an ongoing process.
The Chairman of the BVMW’s Commission for Logistics and Mobility and host, Klaus Meyer of AGS FROESCH, explained the benefits that could be gained from short transports within the GVZ alone.  

As a participant of the event, Mr. Nils Rüstmann commented on the logistics meeting as follows: 

“Was a great round at AGS FROESCH and thanks to Klaus Meyer and team for this exciting logistics day with new insights into the mobility of tomorrow.” 

Source: Tillerstack GmbH 2022 

ILA Berlin | June 22 - 26, 2022

This year’s ILA Berlin once again showed where the future of aviation will be. One focus was the innovations around Unmanned Aircraft Systems (AUS) and drone-based services. Thus, ZenaDrone 1000 was a highlight at this year’s ILA just because of its size, shape and with the possibility of load transport.
The ZenaDrone presentation on the ILA stage also triggered many interesting discussions with international specialists and experts. Topics discussed ranged from the hurdles still to be overcome for commercial drone use in Europe to engineering issues. In connection with the diverse, cross-industry application possibilities of ZenaDrone 1000, the advantages of integrating TillerStack’s Field Service Management Software and On-Site Remote Assist also became evident.
Networking with representatives from research institutions and start-ups continued to provide valuable impetus for new business ideas and joint research activities.  

Source: TillerStack GmbH 2022  

GPEC 31 May - 02 June 2022 (Frankfurt a. M.)

At the General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference (GPEC) you can get to know our Field Service Management System with a focus on “Rescue” for the emergency management system of critical infrastructure and major damage events. Integrating with the Tillerstack Field Service Management System is the ZenaDrone 1000, which provides real-time imagery and measurement data from the hazard scene. ZenaDrone will also be present at the GPEC booth. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to discover our
On-Site Remote Assist (OSRA). It allows on-site responders to share and discuss the problem situation on-site with a remote specialist via image/video at the push of a button.  

GPEC is positioned as a trade-only event. Admission to the exhibition will only be granted upon presentation of the official ID card or an appropriate official authorization. You will find us

in hall 3, booth number: H.61



general police equipment exhibition & conference