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On-Site Remote Assist

Tillerstack's On Site Remote Assist is launched by a technician in the field to get advice and help from an external expert. The expert in the back office sees the on-site situation and can interact with the technician via voice, video, and augmented reality.

On Site Remote Assist can integrate with the Field Service Management Solutions to utilize data from maintenance, repair, or service orders.

If unforeseen difficulties happen or lack experience in certain situations, it is a great advantage to involve an expert impromptu to solve problems via live video. This process is made possible by TillerStack's OnSite Remote Assist via data glasses.

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Advantages of OSRA Offline Capability

The messages and information between dispatch and mobile are exchanged in real-time (push). However, thanks to the offline capability of the TillerStack field service scheduling software mobile app, the technician keeps track of all deployment information even in a wireless blackout and can continue to work with the app as usual. All the information he receives from dispatch or sends to dispatch is cached until the device is back online.

On Site Remote Assist for Field Technicians

On Site Remote Assist for Field Technicians

On-site Remote Assist allows the field technician to have both hands free for work while making a video call to get live guidance from an outside expert to help with a problem on-site.

In this remote management solution, the On Site Remote Assist reduces your on-site engineers' downtime and travel costs. It also enables your company to provide real-time hands-on training and knowledge retention.

On Site Remote Assist for Field Technicians

Impromptu Expert Support from the Back Office

In the service and remote maintenance of machines, the technician on site often has to deal with unforeseen problems. To avoid production downtime or the time-consuming and cost-intensive ordering of an expert on location in such high-pressure situations, the expert is brought impromptu via video to solve the problem.

Live Communication via Remote Assist

By using video transmission via smart glasses for remote assistance, the expert in the back office has the same field of vision on his screen as the technician on site and often also simultaneous access to the current machine data.

This information provides him with the optimal basis for instructing the technician live via voice on how to solve the problem. In the best case, he also supports the technician on site by providing videos and screenshots with overlaid or drawn-in information using Augmented Reality technology.

Voice-Controlled Work Plans/Checklists

With the On Site Remote Assist mode, it is possible to process work plans / checklists via a chatbot. The back office expert starts the chatbot for work processing by the field technician. The technician has his hands free and controls the chatbot via voice commands. The work steps can additionally be displayed via his data glasses. The next work step is only displayed after confirmation. The video recording documents the processing. If needed, the technician can leave the chatbot and return to direct voice and video communication with the expert in the back office.

On Site Remote Assist Communication for Staff Training

Using and working with TillerStack's On-Site Remote Assist, the back office can record live videos of a remote session and process them for training purposes, for example. Record, store and edit these topic-specific videos in the cloud based service management software and provide the basis for service training in the company.

However, the recording of On-Site Remote Assist video calls can also be used for quality control, verification and documentation of work, and preservation of evidence or confirmation of guided work by a qualified professional. In this way, each company can successively build up its industry-specific service and knowledge database.

On Site Remote Assist with Integrated Order Data

Tillerstack's On Site Remote Assist feature can also add to the field service scheduling software system. The advantage here is that the technician can start the On Site Remote Assist directly from the order processing workflow. All relevant order data for the order processing is available to him and the expert in the back office as remote support.

On Site Remote Assist: More than Live Video Transmissions

Provided that the data glasses are powerful enough, Tillerstack's On Site Remote Assist feature not only enables the transmission of videos. The technician can also access knowledge databases in his industry or company to have specific information displayed in the glasses to solve his problem - always with the advantage that he has both hands free to work. This remote support via video in service and maintenance feature could include videos, sketches, checklists, and many more.

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For more information about the On-Site Remote Assist OSRA product, please click here.

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