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Instandhaltungstage 2022, September 6-7 in Berlin

From September 6 to 7, experts from all industries met as every year to exchange information on practice-related topics in the field of production and maintenance.

TillerStack’s presentation “Use of data glasses in technical service” by Thomas Schwab also met with great interest at this year’s Instandhaltungstage 2022. The starting point were the results of our research project: Handwerksgeselle 4.0, in which the great benefit for craftsmen was proven when they are supported in their daily work environment with data and information via suitable data glasses and craftsman app – according to the motto “When I don’t know any further”.

Already during the presentation, interesting questions from the practice of the respective companies were asked from the circle of more than 50 listeners. An application-oriented and cross-industry discussion on the use of data glasses in maintenance quickly ensued, which was enriched by innovative solution approaches and arguments thanks to Thomas Schwab’s expertise in customer projects with long-standing, complex maintenance processes and On-Site Remote Assist (OSRA)

Following the presentation, some members of the audience did not miss the opportunity to test the advantages of different data glasses and the OSRA app of TillerStack themselves.

Ultimately, the use of data glasses and the OSRA promotes efficient and resource-saving maintenance processes, especially in the face of rising energy prices, supply bottlenecks and a shortage of skilled workers.  

Quote from Thomas Schwab (Head of Business Development) on the event: 

“The event showed that the optimization and digitalization of maintenance and servicing processes using integrated data glasses will reach a new level of innovation.”  

Instandhatungstage 2022: Use of data glasses in technical service
Source: TillerStack GmbH 

Knowledge Exchange with Fraunhofer Institute

On August 29, 2022, representatives from TillerStack, ZenaDrone Inc. and the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF met for an exchange of expertise.

In a lively, technical discussion, existing and planned functions as well as possible uses of ZenaDrone 1000 were discussed with the Fraunhofer IFF.

Quote from Dr.-Ing. Klaus Richter of the Fraunhofer-IFF: 

“If ZenaDrone 1000 delivers what it promises, we would like to use it for innovative joint research activities. It was a very interesting meeting and an open, sympathetic round of discussions.”  

Dr. Richter from Fraunhofer-IFF (left) talking with ZenaDrone 1000 product manager Simon Henry
Source: Tillerstack GmbH 2022 

Logisticians' meeting at AGS FROESCH on August 30, 2022

The international logistics company AGS FROESCH in Berlin invited to an event on August 30 in their premises at the freight village (GVZ) Großbeeren near Berlin to discuss actual topics of the logistics industry in a practice-oriented way.
Zenadrone Inc. and TillerStack had the opportunity to present their innovative portfolio on site and to exchange ideas with the participants. Members of the Commission for Logistics and Mobility of the German Association of Medium-Sized Businesses (BVMW) were present or connected via video conference. The BVMW is the largest association for medium-sized entrepreneurs in Germany.
The participants quickly agreed that both the Zenadrone 1000 cargo drone and Tillerstack’s On-Site Remote Assist are particularly suited to the requirements of the last mile in distribution logistics. This last mile represents an enormous logistical challenge for logistics companies and the search for concepts and solutions is an ongoing process.
The Chairman of the BVMW’s Commission for Logistics and Mobility and host, Klaus Meyer of AGS FROESCH, explained the benefits that could be gained from short transports within the GVZ alone.  

As a participant of the event, Mr. Nils Rüstmann commented on the logistics meeting as follows: 

“Was a great round at AGS FROESCH and thanks to Klaus Meyer and team for this exciting logistics day with new insights into the mobility of tomorrow.” 

Source: Tillerstack GmbH 2022 

ILA Berlin | June 22 - 26, 2022

This year’s ILA Berlin once again showed where the future of aviation will be. One focus was the innovations around Unmanned Aircraft Systems (AUS) and drone-based services. Thus, ZenaDrone 1000 was a highlight at this year’s ILA just because of its size, shape and with the possibility of load transport.
The ZenaDrone presentation on the ILA stage also triggered many interesting discussions with international specialists and experts. Topics discussed ranged from the hurdles still to be overcome for commercial drone use in Europe to engineering issues. In connection with the diverse, cross-industry application possibilities of ZenaDrone 1000, the advantages of integrating TillerStack’s Field Service Management Software and On-Site Remote Assist also became evident.
Networking with representatives from research institutions and start-ups continued to provide valuable impetus for new business ideas and joint research activities.  

Source: TillerStack GmbH 2022  

GPEC 31 May - 02 June 2022 (Frankfurt a. M.)

At the General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference (GPEC) you can get to know our Field Service Management System with a focus on “Rescue” for the emergency management system of critical infrastructure and major damage events. Integrating with the Tillerstack Field Service Management System is the ZenaDrone 1000, which provides real-time imagery and measurement data from the hazard scene. ZenaDrone will also be present at the GPEC booth. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to discover our
On-Site Remote Assist (OSRA). It allows on-site responders to share and discuss the problem situation on-site with a remote specialist via image/video at the push of a button.  

GPEC is positioned as a trade-only event. Admission to the exhibition will only be granted upon presentation of the official ID card or an appropriate official authorization. You will find us

in hall 3, booth number: H.61



general police equipment exhibition & conference